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The Eurocentres school, the oldest state-recognized school of foreign languages in Florence, can be found in Palazzo Guadagni, a Renaissance palace dating from the 16th century which is located in the middle of the old town centre near the Ponte Vecchio.

Eurocentres is a Swiss Foundation which was established in 1948 to help people to learn  to communicate in different languages. At present Eurocentres teaches in 35 schools around Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. About 15.000 students annually study one of the world’s most important languages at Eurocentres: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian or Japanese.

The historic school building, renovated in 1992, has eleven classrooms, a multimedia learning centre, a lecture room and a student lounge and is in a quaint Italian quarter. The school is in the centre of the oldest part of Florence, 300 m from the Pitti Palace, 500 m from the Ponte Vecchio and about 15 minutes’ walk from the cathedral (il Duomo) and from the railway station.

The building is the work of the architect Cronaca and was built between 1502 and 1508. In the 1860′s, it was extensively improved by the architect Poggi with the addition of beautiful frescoes. The school was completely renovated, taking care to enhance the original features but also making use of the best of modern Italian design to produce a stunning mix of new and old.

Our History

2007 - Quality proves itself as the key criterion for worldwide success. Eurocentres schools are founded in locations throughout the world. Eurocentres establishes itself as a trendsetter in the field of foreign language learning and lends valuable impetus to the entire organisation.

1960 to 1993 - Eurocentres grows and sets standards.Mr. Gottlieb Duttweiler creates the Foundation of «European Languages and Development Centres». Eurocentres evolves into a standard-bearer.

1960 - The school becomes a Foundation.Gottlieb Duttweiler, founder of the Migros Cooperative, meets Erhard Waespi and agrees to cooperate in the field of international cultural exchange.

1959 - Migros takes over.Mr. Erhard Waespi opens his first foreign language school in Bournemouth. More are to follow.

1948 - The first Eurocentres school is established.

As a Foundation Eurocentres has since 1960 provided top quality language teaching and aims to contribute towards a better understanding among people everywhere by helping to bridge national, cultural and social barriers.

The Swiss Eurocentres Foundation has been a consultant to the Council of Europe for language learning since 1968and has played a crucial role in the development of the Common European Framework of Reference for language teaching and learning.

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