Learning Methodology

Our mission is to set you on the path to successful learning. We create a learning environment which leads you to your personal study objective and offers you a quality learning experience.

Our methods are tried and tested and new teaching methodologies and the latest technical facilities are used by Eurocentres wherever possible. Moreover, we employ only teachers with the highest standard of education who teach exclusively in their mother tongue.

We place great emphasis on close consultation, which ensures that you select the most suitable course based on your personal requirements. We collaborate exclusively with representatives who can guarantee excellent and comprehensive advice.

The teaching of real language for a real purpose in an action-oriented approach which is at the heart of the Eurocentres methodology.

We teach the language you need to communicate in real life. You do exercises to improve your fluency and accuracy and we provide activities which require real communication.

We pay very careful attention to the degrees of control in the practice leading from initial presentation of new language towards realistic communicative use of that language. Working in the other direction, we use communicative activities to identify your need for practice in accuracy or in fluency.
Our programmes are structured in such a way that you will quickly absorb the culture and get to know the people of your host country.

The international nature of our school, with students from many countries of the world, offers opportunities for enriching intercultural encounters.

Eurocentres Scale of Language Proficiency

The Eurocentres Scale of Language Proficiency is closely linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for language teaching and learning and has been designed to help you to define your own personal learning objectives and to assess your current knowledge.

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