At the end of your course, you receive a certificate describing the level of language competence you have reached. The certificate records your level on the Eurocentres Scale of Levels. As well as telling you your overall level, the certificate describes in detail your competence in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

Together with your Eurocentres Certificate you receive a document with the descriptions for all the levels, together with an overview of how the Eurocentres Levels relate to the Common European Framework levels, which were developed by Eurocentres.

Your certificate is not just a souvenir of the course. It is a very useful document, which you can present to your employer or to a training institution.

The coherence of the links between presentation of new language and free practice in the realistic use of that language is one of the most significant signs of quality in a language course. It is the basis of the communicative approach.

This is why, in a Eurocentres course, we place such an emphasis on:

consultation and planning and on Framework activity
and on Experiential Learning assessment Monitoring Your success.

Your class teacher identifies your needs with you. The team of 2-3 teachers plans a programme integrating the language you are learning with the skills practice and activities you experience. A teacher – student consultation takes place every week and the lesson plans are presented each day. On a Eurocentres course we treat you as a partner. We make you feel at home and we help you concentrate and learn.

Eurocentres Scale of Language Proficiency

Your aim is to achieve a certain objective within a certain amount of time. We know full well that your time is valuable; that’s why our entire learning plan is geared to one aspect: efficiency. The Eurocentres Scale of Language Proficiency is designed to help you to define your own personal learning objective and to assess your current knowledge. The choice of courses we offer allows you to start a course at the right level at the time you want.

Eurocentres Level 1 / Common European Framework Level A1 
Simple communication on holiday
Make reservations in hotels
Get what you need in restaurants and shops

Eurocentres Level 2 / Common European Framework Level A2
Obtain simple information
Understand answers to questions
Discuss what to do
Describe activities

Eurocentres Level 3 / Common European Framework Level A2+
Make yourself understood in predictable everyday situations
Obtain specific information
Describe events and personal experiences

Eurocentres Level 4 / Common European Framework Level B1 
From this level you can use the language in the workplace.
Maintain a conversation and chat with friends
Mespond flexibly to different situations
Express feelings

Eurocentres Level 5 / Common European Framework Level B1+
Join in a conversation unprepared
Formulate thoughts
Monitor and pass on information
Give detailed instructions

Eurocentres Level 6 / Common European Framework Level B2 
Employers value examination certificates at this level.
Participate actively in longer discussions
Describe problems in detail
React to the comments of others
Talk on the phone without difficulty

Eurocentres Level 7 / Common European Framework Level B2+ 
Keep up with a lively discussion among native speakers and interact spontaneously and comfortably
Present and defend your own point of view
Reliably pass on detailed information

Eurocentres Level 8 / Common European Framework Level C1 
This level is important for study at university.
Intervene in a discusion appropriately
Develop ideas systematically
Emphasise specific point in meetings, seminars, reports, presentations

Eurocentres Level 9 / Common European Framework Level C1+
Feel fully comfortable in the language
Be creative in the language and develop a personal style
Put across complex points of view in meetings, seminars, reports, presentations

Eurocentres Level 10 / Common European Framework Level C2
Achieve a precise, differentiated expression of thoughts and opinions in a natural style
Argue your case and negotiate skilfully
Write virtually flawless essays and reports

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